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SRI AJAY AGARWALL JyotishRatna and Reiki Grand Master



Reiki Guwahati


The Centre is continuously publishing PURVANCHALIYA AGGRA PANCHANG (Hindu Year Calendar) every year at the local time of North East. This Panchang contains the details of all the festivals of India. It also contains brief knowledge about the Astrology, Yoga, Vastu and other Religious and Spiritual aspects of life. This Panchang is circulated free of cost to the people of North Eastern Region.

This Panchang is published with the help of Advertisements printed in the Panchang at the bottom of every pages. These advertisements covers the cost of the publication enabling us to distribute it free of cost. Every year more and more business houses and the individuals are coming forward for the sponsorship of this Panchang and the quantity of this is increasing every year.


Agarwal Astro Research Centre Consultancy Chamber

3rd Floor, Radhika Complex,
S.C. Road, Bylae no:3, Athgaol
Opp :- Shubham Sweet, Guwahati
Mobile No : +91 94350 40066

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2nd Degree Training on 5th & 6th May'12 at Guwahati Contact - 9435040066


1st Degree Training on 12th & 13th May'12 at Guwahati Contact - 9435040066


1st Degree Training on 19th & 20th May'12 at Tinsukia Contact - 9435040066


1st Degree Training on 26th & 27th May'12 at Dhuburi Contact - 9435040066



(A book on the Social, Spiritual and scientific values of all the Indian Festivals)

This year the Centre has published a book on the Indian festivals specially the festivals of Rajasthan in Hindi. The Editor of Purvanchal Prahari and the Managing Director of G. L. Publications Limited Sri G. L. Agarwala inaugurated this book on 18th of September 2007 during Srimada Bhagawat Saptah Gyan Yagna at Sree Gauhati Gaushala.